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Live Fish & Fish Supplies in Guelph

Come to Petculture for live fish and fish supplies in Guelph. We carry a large variety of fish including a number of exotic marine species, as well as supplies from tanks and filters to silk plants and natural decorations.

Species of Fish

  • Bettas

  • Fancy goldfish and koi

  • Livebearers

  • South American and African Cichlids

  • Tetras

  • Barbs

  • Larger predators

  • Loaches

  • Catfish

  • Plecos

  • Danios

  • Gouramis

  • Shrimp and crayfish

  • Dwarf frogs

  • Eels

  • Live plants

  • …and many exotic marine species, including clownfish, angels, tangs, gobies, wrasses, starfish, shrimp, snails, and many brilliant coral colonies and frags!


Fish Supplies

  • Premium pellet and flake foods

  • Water conditioners

  • Medicines and treatments

  • Filters, including back, internal and canister)

  • Heaters

  • Light fixtures, including LED, T5, and fluorescent

  • High quality reef salt

  • Premium decorations

  • Plastic and silk plants

  • Air pumps

  • Airline tubing

  • Airstones and bubbling decorations

  • Circulation pumps

  • Protein skimmers

  • Cleaning tools, including algae scrapers and Siphon gravel vacuums

  • Aquarium starter kits

  • Aquarium stands

  • Aquarium canopies

  • Tanks

  • Unique and trendy nano aquarium designs

  • Natural and funky coloured aquarium gravel

  • Natural decorations, including river pebbles, rocks, Malaysian driftwood and spider wood

  • Pond equipment, including pumps, de-icers, fish food, nets, betta kits and bowls

For live fish, fish supplies or a free testing of water samples from your tank, stop by Petculture in Guelph.

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Talk to us for all pet merchandise needs.

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